Luxe Coffee Reads & Views (Vol 12) from Caffè di Artisan

There is nothing like snuggling down for a good read, with a great cup (or mug) by your side. So, crack open a Caffè di Artisan coffee pod, make yourself a delicious drink and dive into these lovingly curated Reads. As always, there is an eclectic mix from a different route to making it as a start-up to how coffee plantations are helping support bird species to what lying does to your brain and why certain songs get stuck in your head. Enjoy!

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The link between birds and coffee

A recent research paper co-relates birds and coffee, stating that coffee plantations in the Western Ghats of India (from where Caffè di Artisan sources some of its coffee) support 204 bird species

An American naturalist writes that one of the ways to save migratory songbirds, tropical plants and animals is to “have a cup of coffee”. He says the “traditional form of coffee growing is beneficial for wildlife, especially birds”. “Migratory birds are emblematic of the importance of coffee to both the local environments where it is grown and the global environment that we share”. Read on to understand how....

Why you can’t get that one song out of your head: The science of earworms

"Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey. Katy Perry's “California Gurls.”

If you spend the rest of the day with the words “Just a small town girl/living in a lonely world” or “Ra ra ah-ah- ah/Ro ma ro-mah- mah” running an endless loop through your head, we're sorry. But know that you are not alone. Psychologists who are trying to understand why songs get stuck in your head found that these are three of the most commonly complained-about earworms. The more interesting part is why certain songs are especially persistent...and popularity is only part of the answer. Read on to understand this phenomenon....

MailChimp and the Un-Silicon Valley Way to Make It as a Start-Up

Is it possible to create a huge tech company without taking venture capital, and without spending far beyond your means. Is it possible, in other words, to start a tech company that runs more like a normal business than a debt-fueled rocket ship careening out of control.

If you want to run a successful tech company, can you forget about the “Silicon Valley” path? Can you simply start a business, run it to serve your customers, and forget about outside investors and growth at any cost?

Under the radar, slowly and steadily, and without ever taking a dime in outside funding or spending more than it earned, MailChimp has proven it can be done. Read on to understand how....

Lying once makes the second and third times easier

Poor Pinocchio, he never had a chance. A new study in Nature Neuroscience confirms the reason why the puppet kept sliding down the slippery path. The more we practice prevarication, the easier it gets. Scientists at University College London and Duke University have shown that repetition of small lies weakens the negative emotions associated with telling untruths, leading to bigger lies down the road. There was also a relationship between honesty and intelligence. Read on for the details.

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